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First class with Jose "Pele" Landi-Jons.

The dude is pretty badass. It was suppossed to be kickboxing only today but we did an MMA class afterwards. There's definitely a language barrier but I'm pretty used to that from Thailand. There's alot of just showing what to do and him making funny noises to emphasize movements.

Started off shadowboxing then he gave us a few combos to do. Its funny how viciously brazilians/thais shadowbox. They swing with full force and intensity like they're in the thick of it instead of not using power but focusing on being quick and precise. After that he had us practice a few moves in the clinch/breaking the clinch as well as a break + takedown. Sparred that stuff for awhile. Then 100 kicks on a partner with a pad moving and holding it in different places. Exhausting, but my kick still had decent power by the end of it. Also practiced shooting for one knee and then taking down, except in the opposite direction than we normally would, weird but good and gives you free access to his back. In MMA, we learned a few submissions, starting with the side choke. Then we practiced breaking a clinch, taking down and straight into the side choke. A pretty sneaky move that got put on me a few times today. Then as the guy turtles up we practiced sinking in a rear naked choke, and then a kimura that I didn't get the hang of because I seem to be a slow learner. Then we rolled and I did pretty well despite not submitting anyone, I stalled their advances alright and only got a few submissions put on me. Definitely didn't dominate anyone though. Good class!
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