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Another double class with Kajan. I was feeling pretty brittle with crazy neck soreness and something going on in my side from getting taken down too much. Regardless once you get the adrenaline and blood flowing, you push through fine.

Started off Kickboxing 3 rounds skipping. Bah. I love the benefits of skipping and its my favorite cardio, but I'm only doing it once a week and I'm simply not improving. I get streaks of going for minutes straight, then I get streaks of smacking my feet every 15 seconds. I lost my hand wraps and I need some MMA gloves so I'll probably order those along with a skip rope so I can get skipping every other day.

After skipping we did some shadowboxing. Then heavybag rounds while the trainer took one person aside to hit pads with him. Like usual I ended up going with him last and he took me for an extra round to push me. We did jab/leg kicks then straight/leg kicks combos. I wasn't too fond of how he wanted the leg kick...he wanted a huge step to the side and then a kick, which completely ****s with your balance and a slight tap would've put me on my ass. In thailand they always make sure you have your balance and if you don't they'll just push you over. So I went with it and he was pretty happy with me maintaining my power over the duration.

Next we sparred jabs/blocking, then 1-2s/blocking then 1-2-3/blocking. I got to go with the trainer again. I got a bit awkward at blocking the 1-2-3 because I instinctively twist with the punch while blocking instead of twisting against the punch as he instructed.

In M.M.A., warmed up then he taught us a few cool submissions. All of it started from guard. First off an armbar which I really needed to work on. Then the guy pulls his arm out, and you move into a triangle, then the guy levers his arm out to loosen the triangle and you do a very sneaky shoulder lock. Then we drilled doing this jiu-jitsu combo. Pretty cool. Then we rolled. My partner was ******* dieing so finally I got to push someone around. Got an Americana, and a Triangle. Also taught him a few things in the process which I didn't think I was capable of doing. Good class! Thank god I get to rest sore bones and joints.

Might hit the gym tomorrow, see how the body takes tonights damage.

UFC tomorrow bitches

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