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Originally Posted by WouldLuv2FightU
Yea I can imagine how bad it would be in SOCAL, but here in my small town in the sticks lol we don't have too many MMA fans around here. I watch UFC64 there on the big projection screen and there was nobody else in our section at all. A lot of guys by the bar screen, but no one in the dining area where I was. It was nice. Tonight, there's gonna be a lot of people watching college games at the bar, so the dining area where the PPV is playing should be empty again...I hope.
Well're lucky then. That's awesome if you get to check it out at BDub's with very little distraction. That would NEVER happen out here. Every UFC event...mostly all the bars are packed to the gills. I don't have to bartend tonight, so I'mma get it here. I know we're having it there though, and it will be a f'n mad house.

At one point last year, our manager wanted to discontinue ordering the events, because these f'n jackasses would go outside after it was over and start brawling.

Ahhh the wonders of alcoholism.

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