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Originally Posted by boodaddy614 View Post
okay my new problem is guard pass. The dudes legs are always in the way, I only know the 3 passes (being a whitebelt and all) where u go from combat pose to left right, or knee on stomach in center. My problem is the guy always pushes my knee back down into guard or uses his legs to sweep me. I also have a problem letting myself get swept cuz Im comfortable in bottom guard and I know more attacks from that position. Thanks for all the help too Ironman! You're advice about the guard drills really helped me to maintain my guard from bottom.
I'm glad I could help, and glad that people are continuing to maintain this thread.

First thing that you need to work on is your balance. Just work on using your hands to keep from getting swept. This will work.

In terms of better ways to pass the guard, I'd revisit my post on guard passes (which I think is what you're asking for) in order to get more details on techniques.

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