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Originally Posted by rana
course u can ask miranda i have no problem with that, i just finished a biomed course to get into genetics at portsmouth uni, its not what id like to do, maybe something more like emgineering but what the hey i'll give it a chance i try hard at what i do whether i like it .
i'd love to see ur name on pixars credits or dreamworks, keep at it girl!
do u have any examples of ur work online, my twin does art she has a page on deviant art, and elfwood, her names Rasha Al Najjar, would u check it out?
I checked your sister's page on Elfwood... VERY nice stuff she's got! I love the way she did the fox lovers / hand kiss one, that's just awesome... great use of colors and representation of the animals. Her poetry is very good too... I'm a poet also myself. Pretty much anything that has to do with art I'm consumed by, I dabble in most all forms of it somewhat.
I couldn't find anything of hers on Deviant, did she list under another name perhaps? Or do you have her link?
I can't post movie clips and stuff on those sites but I'll look into posting some to my own website after I get the proper copyrights in place. I won't post anything until it's copyrighted. Hope you understand. Good luck with your genetics degree, smart girl!
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