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didn't work out over the weekend due to horrible shin splints and being all iron depleted.
Mon-tkd conditioning interval, jump rope, mad ab work, jumping jacks, squat thrusts, mountain climbers, pad work, pushups, etc. etc. etc.
Tue - warmed up the kids in kids' tkd, pushups, situps, jumping jacks, then i jumped rope for 25 min (intervals 5-10-10) and did about 10 min of combinations on the heavy bag in intervals with the jump rope.
wed–ran 4 miles, tkd was punching drills and blocking drills, both static and dynamic partner drills which were really really fun. it was weapons night and we did sticks (modern arnis) fun as shit but my arms back and wrists hurt lots and lots today, which is
thur - 15 min arc trainer, 10 min shuffle drills, pushups, lifted (shoulders - rear fly, front fly, shrug) then tkd sparring I guess I did 5-6 1-2 minute rounds (interval cause we were rotating). sweated like a piag was great but I haven't sparred in months due to it not happening at my school for months. It was point and I managed to get a few points on ppl here and there.
Fri: Entire body hurt from brutal ownage in sparring. bruises, achy arms and shoulders, shin splints, the works. didn't work out. Iced the most painful spots i.e. ankles, shins.
Sat: didn't work out.
Sun: Trying to shore up motivation to go to the gym after I put away some laundry uuuhhhhhhhhh. I did end up going and was rewarded with watching lock stock N two smoking barrels during my 3 mile run. before that I did some step box combinations for about 10 min b/c there was nobody else in the place and it's good cardio and no-one would see me looking like an idiot.

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