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Originally Posted by IncredibleFalk View Post
hey man. hope u don't mind., I stumbled accross this training log and have been keeping an eye on it creeping in the background for about a week now trying to figure out who it is..

im brad falk, a blue belt at Revolution Chilliwack, gracie barra.

Good luck in ur quest to reach the pro's mang. lemme know if u have any questions about anything.

Keep it up Though.

are you competing in the tournament this weekend?

.. and ps don't worry.. it took jared and I about 3 months to get our first stripes...

and about another year after that to get my blue belt... patience is key in jiu jitsu.. just keep being a great training partner..

take care.

brad . the incredible falk.
oh and I run the website.. so post on that message board some time.. im trying to get a little discussion going.
Hahah, that's cool you found this. My name's Jesse. I doubt you'd know me by name. I'm the freakishly tall white belt with no stripes, blondish hair.

Yeah, I'm sure that stripe'll come. It's really not the stripe I'm too concerned about, but getting to train more with the adv. class.

Not going to the tournament, I think I'm working when it's on, and have only been going just over a month now so it'd be hard to put up a struggle. I'll get on board the next one though.

I'll check the board out, didn't even see it.
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