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Holy shit, what a class with Pele today.

Kickboxing started off with basically fake sparring with a partner. Kind of risky business since we weren't using gloves or anything. One guy took it a bit too seriously and was punching people. I hate when people have to go 100% and put everyone at risk of getting hurt doing something meant to be light and controlled. Anyways did that for awhile with a bunch of people, felt good to spar someone even if it was just simulated. Then we did 100 kicks on the sheild, then 50 of each knee, then 20 or so of a fake into a jumping high kick, then 20 alternating knees pushing off into a high kick. This was pretty agonizing. Finished with 50 pushups and then he had us run for what felt like forever.

MMA class started 10 minutes later. Was very straightforward, the 4 of us that remained just got on top of a heavybag and pounded away from mount, side control and guard. This was the first time really that I've practiced ground and pound and was pretty impressed at how much force I could get. I basically just thought about the angles and types of punches I've seen in the UFC and worked them into combos. We went hard for a long time, not really having any idea how long we had to go for. Ended up pounding on the bag at full force for 30 mins straight. I was also pretty suprised how everyone maintained their power. I managed to stay pretty relaxed yet still do huge damage to the bag, and wasn't even gassed by the end of it. My knuckles and elbows are bruised though.

My shoulder was really stiff today so I was hesitant about going to class. I warmed it up really well though and it held up fine until about half through GNPing the heavy bag when I popped it on a sloppy punch. Ouch. It's gonna hurt tomorrow so I'll play it by ear tomorrow and hopefully make it through the last day before rest.
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