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yeah.,, that muay thai class was quite the grind...

I was the one that didn't rotate so I didn't get around to the guy who was gettin a lil too serious and crackin people.. I brought my buddy for the first time tonight, and he said he got punched. and I saw pele giving him a real stern warning at least twice. redic..

and as for the hundred kicks, hundred knees, then the flyin kicks... that was just out of hand.
but repetition leads to perfection, and I always hear those wild stories of the thai boxing champions just hitting bags for hours and for thousands of kicks. so I guess theres no way around the tried tested and true methods. u can't help but just be in a bit of awe while seeing pele demonstrate a technique and then abruptly declare, ACTION !

we'll see how fast I can recover here for saturday.. i just wanted to get a bit of cardio going. going, and maybe some video for the website .. but u just get hooked in going there. ... can't help but train.

- brad.
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