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Originally Posted by Rush
Yeah, well I'm sure when you were my age you didn't read David Copperfield, Stephen King, and Ernest Hemingway. And if I recall you once said you did animation for Pixar and Dreamworks which is just a laugh because if you did you would be out working right now instead of arguing with a "middle schooler". I actually get good grades and everything and are one of the most intelligent 13 year olds in my community but just when I get involved in arguments that where my weakness is.
Here you have it folks! Yet another fine example of him not reading what people are saying. I NEVER said that I worked for Pixar and Dreamworks. I said "I am working my way TOWARDS WORKING for EITHER Dreamworks OR Pixar"! As in, I'm getting a degree in the field and will ONE DAY EVENTUALLY be working there. As for being 'one of the most intelligent 13 year olds in your community', well good for you! What do you want... a dang cookie? I was on honor roll all though school, no big deal. It means squat really. Ooh, I have good grades, woohoo. It doesn't mean anything unless you actually apply your knowledge out there in what's called the real world. I get good grades too. In fact I find it quite amusing how I go to a school that's 95% men and here I am making 4.0 every quarter and staying on the highest honors list and dean list. Do I go around and brag about it? No. Do I go around and list my achievements on my emails like I think it's going to get me nominated for crap? No. Do I go around and 'beg' people to give me reputation points? No. Do I go around and change people's words and accuse them of starting arguments? No.
If you really think about it kid, YOU'RE the one who's starting crap by twisted crap around and then getting mad at people for correcting you.
A lot of people are quite sick of your rants, myself included.
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