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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
Cro Cop has said he wants to go back to the UFC, If a couple go under I could see Sylvia and Arlovski both crawling back, Barnete will go to what ever Japanese org wants him as likely would Fedor, alot of the guys from Elite XC and lower tier Affliction guys will probably end up in HFC in Canada.
I think the UFC broke Cro Cop down! Personally, if he was really serious about going back to the UFC I think he would have picked a cage fighting organization to go to. That way he can get more experiance in a cage and he can fight better. Instead he went back to the enviroment that he was used to. Yeah, there are rumors that he bought an octagon but how often do you think he trains in that thing when his fights are going to be in the ring?

Tim Sylvia, two time HW champion, is pissed because a guy with a 1-0 record (at the time) was making more money then him! You think the UFC will offer him more money now that he got his ass kicked by Fedor in a short time. Andre Arlovski did not leave the UFC on good terms as well so I don't see him going back anytime soon.

Barnett will definitly go back to Sengoku! He hates UFC rules and doesn't care for Dana White!

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