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I was really tired and not in the mood to train today but sucked it up and went anyways. Soreness/hurting is adding up, and I've been ******* up my sleep by consuming too much caffeine during the day. You really can't miss sleep when you're working and training full time so I'll kick the bad habits.

Once I got going everything was decent. In kickboxing did the warm up run as always, then shadowboxing a bit of technique while advancing and backing up. Kicks, punches, knees, push kicks. I found myself a bit awkward I guess I'm getting rusty and need to do more shadowboxing again. My right kicks are definitely lacking. Then we sparred the clinch with a partner. Did pretty well here, it's just a bitch keeping your shoulders up and your neck poised upright tight. Then we hit the thai paids with straight/hook/head kick combos. End of class.

MMA started with another warm up run, then went straight to technique. Worked from side control and half guard today. We worked on a triangle choke, an armbar, and two variations of a knee bar. All of these I'm pretty inexperienced with so I learned alot today. I seemed to pick up the technique pretty fast too. Now we need to see if I can remember it and put it to use when rolling in the days to come.

As we rolled today the first guy I pushed around pretty good and landed a triangle and an americana. Also took the time to help him with breaking guard and tought him the americana. Second guy used to wrestle and was thick as ****. He immediately slammed me down and and kept me there the whole round. I tried to bridge and roll, tried to use the wall to push off of, tried to hip escape, but he kept on me. Luckily he didn't really know any submissions and was pretty tired so he couldn't do anything to finish me.

Good class. Rest will be much appreciated. We're aiming to start morning training sessions this coming wednesday.

Originally Posted by IncredibleFalk View Post
yeah.,, that muay thai class was quite the grind...

I was the one that didn't rotate so I didn't get around to the guy who was gettin a lil too serious and crackin people.. I brought my buddy for the first time tonight, and he said he got punched. and I saw pele giving him a real stern warning at least twice. redic..

and as for the hundred kicks, hundred knees, then the flyin kicks... that was just out of hand.
but repetition leads to perfection, and I always hear those wild stories of the thai boxing champions just hitting bags for hours and for thousands of kicks. so I guess theres no way around the tried tested and true methods. u can't help but just be in a bit of awe while seeing pele demonstrate a technique and then abruptly declare, ACTION !

we'll see how fast I can recover here for saturday.. i just wanted to get a bit of cardio going. going, and maybe some video for the website .. but u just get hooked in going there. ... can't help but train.

- brad.
Hahah, yeah I wasn't rotating either so luckily I never had to face him. My buddy also got his cracked a few times though so he started leg kicking him really hard.

The guys in Thailand are totally about repetition and power. With his crap english and his tough drilling and yelling MORE POWER I feel like I'm in Thailand all over again. There's no better incentive to obey than having a huge brazilian fighter that doesn't speak much english giving you shit for slacking. Love it.

You competing saturday? If so good luck dude, I gotta work that morning unfortunately. I'm sure you'll get some vids at least.
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