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Rashad Evans: "There are many holes in Chuck's game"

New interview with Rashad Evans. He talks about his win over Chuck, the criticism he's received about his celebration and his title challenge with Griffin.


On his fight with Liddell...

"I was definitely frustrating him. He was real upset I was moving like that because he couldnít punch like he wanted to, you know?"

"After he hit me, I was like, 'Ah man, thatís it?' I knew I could take the power of his punch. When he cracked me, I was kind of circling and he dropped the right hand right on my chin and I was like, 'Man, thatís it?'"

"Honestly, I was trying to catch him with that left hook. Yeah, I was really trying to land that because Chuck always finishes with his left hand low so I knew the right combination would catch him."

"Yeah, there are many holes in Chuckís game. First off, just not bringing his hands back to home base..."

"I knew I had to be the last one throwing punches. I couldnít be the one to let him finish the combination off on me."

On a title clash with Forrest Griffin...

"If you credit a fighter with anything, you have to credit Forrestís heart."

"Iím excited to fight somebody a lot like myself. We were both Ultimate Fighters and now its Season 1 vs. Season 2."

On the criticism he's received about celebrating...

"To be honest, I didnít celebrate at all to be honest with you. I did a little inside joke with my people and that was about it. I didnít get up and run around the ring with my arms spread out like the Iceman does."

"Itís so funny how people seem to forget how every single time Chuck knocks anybody out, whether it be Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz or Babalu, this dude is running around the ring like a mad man screaming, but when I do what I do, they get mad at me and say Iím cocky for celebrating."

"If you think about it, itís like this, Iím not a white dude. My fighting style, thatís not how I move and theyíre mad at me because Iím black. I got soul or rhythm or whatever you want to call it, but thatís just how I get down."

"Everybody does something. Like Anderson Silva does his dance, Thiago Silva does the throat slash and Brandon Vera does his Hawaiian surfer dance. Everybody do they own little thing, but they donít want to say that at all. I do a little dance and theyíre like, 'Oh my God thatís excessive.'"
A lot more in the full interview:
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