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Originally Posted by stitch1z View Post
They're mad at you because you're a show boating dick that plays a race card when people don't like something you do.

Here is an example of showboating taken from the same interview:

That's showboating. You could easily have said "I was never in trouble", "He didn't land anything good on me"

But no. You want to point out that the KO king of the UFC hit you with everything he had and you were shocked that it was so weak. No doubt because you are so rock hard, Rashad.

I can't wait for this guy to disappear.

First of all, that quote couldve been taken out of context. If the interviewer was asking rashad in detail about the fight, maybe he was being honest and saying that he didnt think chuck hit as hard as he thought. There is nothing wrong with that. He didnt belittle chuck or any other fighter in any of his interviews, not even when he had his feud with tito.

And when did he showboat after the fight? he celebrated for maybe a couple of seconds then maintainted his composure... he looked like a champion to me.

fyi - I was a rashad hater, till after this fight with chuck. I gained a lot of respect for him and he's def going to be hard to beat for anyone.
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