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Monday 9-15:at gym: jump rope 30 min (interval) with step box (switching feet fast one level up with step box)1 min intervals with jump rope. THis was meant to be warm up for tkd conditioning which was 1 hr 15 min of speed front kicks, speed roundhouse kicks, pad work, more jump rope, situps, pushups, kicks from horse stance, switch kicks, this is the class where I sweat like a piag and I wish it was more evenly distributed with some cardio in the other 3 classes each week rather than Monday craziness and then we have to condition on our own the rest of the week. Please excuse wall of text.
tuesday: ran 2 miles, 20 min bike, 5 min jump rope (pretty sore from yesterday)
Wed: ran 4 miles, tkd was all talking and theory re: self-defense, self-defense against a weapon and blitz for sparring.
Thur: jump rope 15 min, bike 20 min, meant to be warm up for sparring which ended up being dynamic kicking drills to the hogu (flutter 45 roundhouse, spinning roundhouse) which were draining cause the kids in my class kick HARD but really really awesomely fun and excellent conditioning. Classes like this get me through the less fun classes where there's a lot of drudgery calisthenics or talkin'.
Fri: I pulled something very painfully whilst in an awesome near-split, a feat I have accomplished many times before but I did something wrong and had to rest it today. I'll do mad work this weekend. I will too! I also had a horrible migraine to the point of nausea..doesn't happen often but when it does it's very memorable.

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