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Guys, relax. It was an interview. He didn't just say this off the top of his head unprovoked. The interviewer asks him to talk about striking with Chuck, and if you listen to the actual radio broadcast, you'll hear Rashad go on about how he was surprised by the accuracy of Liddell's strikes. "He's got heat-seeking missiles on his hands or something. There were a couple punches where I thought I was out of his range, but he still landed." He only mentions Buentello because the interviewer asks him, "was Chuck Liddell the hardest hitter you've ever been in the cage with?" So he makes mention to a HW that comes in and helps him train... really not that big of a deal.

The parts where he talks about his camp and the humility was pretty good.

"What makes us great is that we don't let our egos get in the way of each other. People come in and ask me, 'hey we hear you can't stop GSP's takedown' and instead of me getting upset, saying 'oh well Georges can't do this or that' I say, 'yeah Georges is a talented guys."

"People are reluctant to accept change. They don't like to accept that their heroes, their favorite fighters, might be getting old."

It was also interesting to find out that the woman screaming was NOT Rashad's wife. Wow, Rogan, way to assume the black woman behind you had to be Rashad's wife.

Spoiler alert - it appeared as though his brother did not do very well on the new season of TUF.

"I don't dink anyone en dis division can endure my riddum."
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