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Originally Posted by All_In_GSP View Post
The parts where he talks about his camp and the humility was pretty good.

"What makes us great is that we don't let our egos get in the way of each other. People come in and ask me, 'hey we hear you can't stop GSP's takedown' and instead of me getting upset, saying 'oh well Georges can't do this or that' I say, 'yeah Georges is a talented guys."
How humble of him. lol.

Come on, man. I don't even LIKE Chuck. But Rashad does have an aura of arrogance.

The guy doesn't have a humble bone in his body. THAT's why people don't like Rashad. I'm sure that Chuck fans seeing their boy get hammered doesn't help his popularity with some folks, but I for one can't stand his attitude.

In this instance the Buentello comment was taken out of context. Great.

But the "They're just mad at me because I'm black." and the "Chuck hit me and I was like 'Ah man... Is that it?'" were not taken out of context.

He's a douche. If you like him, great for you. Some people like Tito and he's a douche... And not even a great fighter anymore.

But there's really no need to defend Rashad's doucheness. He has a huge ego, end of story. He's cocky and that turns some fans off.

I hope he gets humbled soon. Because tht giant ego greatly overshadows any skills he might bring in to the octagon for a lot of fans. Myself included.

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