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Originally Posted by jeremy202 View Post
I was a bit disapointed with houston alexander losing.I doubt the ufc will drop him though, he's a fan favorite and has knockout power and likes to brawl, which is what people want to see.Plus, he rocked shafer with the knee but didnt finish him

I was rooting for ed herman, but I dont care that he lost because it was one hell of a fight.It could have gone either way in my opinion.That was real FOTN material

I really like both danzig and guida so it sucks that they had to fight.It went pretty much how I expected it, danzig coming out strong but not being able to keep up with guida in the latter rounds.I'll be looking forward to danzigs next fight

I bet on neer to win, and neer looked good for awhile there, almost securing a RNC.I under estimated nate, I didnt think he'd be that agile.It was a good fight though.

This was one of the best cards in a long time, even though all my guys lost.

(TUF related) Also, lol at jason guida for blowing an opportunity of a lifetime and failing to make weight, and lance evans for sucking.The guy with the russian name that brutally beat down the guy from boston, that was impressive.Im also impressed with junie brown(the lightweight with bleached hair) he had a dominating performance over the other guy.I can see these two guys winning TUF
Guy with the Russian name (krzysztof soszysnski) hes from winnipeg (where I live).. hes a beast!

I expect him to win
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