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Vbookie suggestion

Thought I would post my thoughts from another thread, and many additional thoughts, here to see if anyone had an opinion.

I think it would be awsome to have an accurate leaderboard that was prominantly displayed whenever entering a vbookie section.

Right now there is a leaderboard, but it is so out of the way. You have to click donate or, when you are DEEP in a specific bet, click the vbookie stats menu (which is compeltly innacurate for everything except top 5, since it still includes the points before the reset). And even then, second place is currently "The Bank". Not exactly accurate. Plus, I can gaurentee the majority of our non payed members have no idea that clicking donate will bring up a leaderboard for points. Why would they assume donate would lead there?

I was thinking of a leaderboard that is displayed at the top of vbookie or a link to the leaderboard prominantly displayed on every vbookie hompeage.

Think of how awsome it would be if people got into the competitve spirit with the points. All it would take is making the ranking very apparent. If people keep seeing who is on top, pretty soon they are gonna want the bragging rights too. We could even have a ranking next to members name. MLS, for example, could have a "#1" rank or "credit leader" somewhere on his user icon. Who knows, maybe they will want to start at 15k instead of 5k...more premium members!

I'll be honest; half of the reason I bought a premium membership was to start on equal footing with everyone else for the points. I am sure there are others out there like me who love to compete and discuss mma at the same time/place.

I'm not doing this only because I wanna see my own name on the top 10 (I wouldn't be there...anymore...but I will be again...soon) I think people would really get into it if they were motivated. People would also be less likley to go all in, and MLS would get the respect he deserves for being a PIMP. Hell, just seeing MLS's name up there on top gives me motivation to catch him.

I think it would be a great way to make the points more fun, and get more competitive people involved in vbookie betting. The same people are always hovering in vbookie week after week making predictions and discussing bets. I think we could attract alot more if poeple had the notion it was a competition.

It's just somthing I have been hoping for for a really long time, and would absolutely love to see. I can offer my help in any to make this happen.

PS: Being able to buy stuff, like icons, colors, name description changes etc would all be awsome too. I just think there is a ton of wasted potential to hook people with these points.

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