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TO be honest with you guys I can see where this guys coming from. Elite xc hasnt been living up to there end of the deal. In the words of shonie carter they treat this guy like a wet food stamp. KJ was the champion and I think that after he won and defended his title against two great fighters it was more then time for them to renegotiate his contract.

He was trying to use the Diaz fight as a bargening chip so that he could go ahead and get the money he felt he deserved. elite xc didnt want to budge and didnt renegotiate the contract when clearly it should have been renegotiated. it would have been good for both sides to renegotiate KJ's contract.

To be honest both sides dropped the ball on this one. Elite XC should have held up their end of the bargain or at the very least tried to strike some deal with KJ where he got some more money ie. a win bonus or something. KJ should have also not tried to hold the title hostage because he is the champion and should defend the title accordingly.

I mean this is what the guy does for a living can you blame him for wanting to get payed what hes worth? Just a shitty situation all around that didnt have to be that way.

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