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Originally Posted by Cbingham
Who cares about a welterwight?!?!?! that has to be the most moronic comment I have ever heard, George St. Pierre , Matt Hughs, BJ Penn, Sean Sherk, Carlos Newton, Joe Riggs, Ivan Salavary , Pat Militech, Frank Trigg, I could go on and on you can not deny the absolute talent of these fighters

Also in the LHW div, Randy Cotoure Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Vitor Belfort, Jeremy Horn(on occasion) Evan Tanner

HW, Ricco Rodriguez, Silvia , Arlovski, Rizzo,

The list goes on and on and on, what did Pride produce, maybe 10 big name fighter who anybody gives a shit about. come on man.

Pride draws bigger crowd but think about it
Pride is held in Tokyo, given the sheer population and fighting culture it is only natural the crowds are huge.

Vanderlei is exciting, but he is a wild swinger, A world class striker (like Vitor Belfort) would destroy him. Like Vitor did in 44 seconds!

I have said it 100 times on this forum and I will say it again, the fighters the "graduate to Pride" are the former top fighters in the UFC who no longer hold their own against the new more talented fighter coming in to the UFC. When you say that Pride offers them bigger contracts, this may be true, but when you are a big name UFC fighter you get a hell of alot more like huge endorsment deals, Tito has had a role in a movie, and the fame is much higher. Any fighter who can make it and has a choice will pick UFC.

Do some research
u think vitor is world claas striker ? ur crazy!! and look wat happened when anderson silva faught leben..massacre..the welterweights are stronger in the ufc and middleweoghts are about even..heavyweights no contest..i seriously believe fedor could beat all 5 top ufc heavyweights in one night!! chuck , silva would be awesome, as would chuck shogun, or chuck arona, or chuck lil pride lhw division is f'n loaded
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