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Straight Achilles Lock

Originally Posted by Beanpole View Post
I usually end up only having escape as an option when someone attacks my legs(both of us will have our legs vulnerable in this situation). Could anyone explain how to take advantage and get a lock here, or do I need to just keep escaping and go for a better position?
Alright, beanpole, here are some pics (yes, they are of me) of the right way to do a straight ankle lock. I'll highlight some of the details so you can look for them in the pic.

I do apologize if these load slow. I made the pics big because I'm not quite sure how the sizing on photobucket works.

There are other places that this can be set up from (like from inside the guard), but this is the position that will get you the most used to the technique.

Wrap your arm around the Achilles tendon like you're doing a guillotine choke. You can't see the hands from this angle (check the last frame), but the grip is the same as a straight guillotine grip.

Use the top leg to straighten their leg out and keep the opponent from standing up. Tuck the bottom leg under to prevent it from getting caught and locked (you can also use it to stretch your opponents leg).

There are alot of people who think that you need to arch the back from this position. That's not the case. Pushing on your opponent's hip with the top foot to stretch the leg out and squeezing with the bicept should be sufficiently painful.

Hope that was helpful. If it is, please rep it.

If people have other techniques they want me to help with, I can (and will) take more pics on Wednesday. Please ask questions, it's good for me to think through the techniques.

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