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Okay my hamstring hurt so bad this weekend I didn't do mad work like I said I would. I wanted to be able to work out today which I did:
mon: 35 min arc trainer, 10 min interval shuffle/pushups/situps, 10 min jump rope. Didn't go to tkd b/c didn't want to push my luck and I went the last 2 mondays (conditioning) and I get sick of the same old same old format when i KNOW my teacher can mix it up and make it a lot more fun. ( i think he's just scared of me missing during pad work with my lethal kicks and heavy hands)
tue: 25 min walk (like I was late for something, that gay looking walk) 5 min jump rope, 15 min bike (Ran about 1/2 mile when the side of my left calf started to hurt like hell. I tried to run through it but it just got worse). tkd was all self defense against a weapon AGAIN and not much cardio.
wed: In an attempt to stave off insanity from not being able to run due to a weird mutant shin splint at the side of my calf, 40 min on arc trainer, 10 min bike, tkd was forms so if you do them like you mean them, which I do, you'll sweat, but not so much that you stank or need a shower.
thur: didn't work out, had to do obedient cook/maid stuff after the kids got out of school and then they had their school open house, so didn't get to spar either
fri: arc trainer 35 min, bike 15 min. I have gotten some great recommendations about plyo and sprints for endurance and explosiveness sparring and i'm going to begin implementing them next week. now i have to go ice weird mutant side shin splint.

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