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Originally Posted by blackskimmer
Dear Tim Sliva,

I watched your fight last night. Congrats on the win your victory did not shock me. However what you did on the ground blew me away. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING THIS GROUND GAME??? You beat a BBJ expert on the ground easily.

I was watching this fight and trying to figure out just why everyone dislikes this guy. He sure doesnt have the physical impressiveness that most others do in the sport. But the HW divison is filled with guys who dont look like bodybuilders.

So that cant be it. He's not the best looking cat out there, but that isnt it either. Then about half way through the fight it hit me. It was during a corus of boo's.

Tim sir you fight "not to loose". THAT is the difference. There is no explosiveness. There is no excitment in your game. You dont "impose" your game plan on anyone, you simply go into a defensive shell and stay there. Against some of the most exciting fighters in the world you manage to make a rather boring encounter.

Fighting to "win" is what GSP did last night, its what Brandon Vera did. Sadly its what Tim seems incapable of doing. Tim, buddy, GO for a submission, throw more kicks, move around the ring more.

Your a fighter who sits there and rely's on a stupidly long reach. That seems to be it. This is not what makes champions.

Our hope lies with Vera now. This is a very exciting fighter who fights to win. Tim please change this, that last couple fights of yours I have seen you and your otherwise exciting opponent being booed without mercy.

youd figure he would been throwin more headkicks near the end of the round where if he was taken down he wouldnt have been able to be submitted in the given time

i dunnio why he wasnt throwin the left kick
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