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MMA class. I showed up late because there was some construction on the way there and I had to turn around and go the other way...

Got there and jumped in practing some standup, guy A throws a 1-2, guy B throws 2-3-leg kick. Another was practicing blocking a take down with a clinch+knee.

Then we learned alot of technique involving ground and pound because he wants us to always be striking while rolling.

Then we rolled. First guy we had a decent roll despite me being bigger than him. Landed lots of fake strikes and caught him in a triangle. Second guy was a bit frustrating. He kept catching me in a headlock then cranking on my neck the whole time. I eventually tapped because I couldn't get out and I didn't want to hurt my neck. Going to look into escaping headlocks. Third guy was a bit softer and I got him with a triangle and my first arm triangle choke.
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