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Originally Posted by bbjd7 View Post
I actually have an issue with Mir and Nog cornering the fighters.

That is the evaluation time. Now it'll be really hard for a guy to impress Mir if Mir is focused on what his opponent is doing.

It IMO is unfair to the fighters.
bbjd7- I'll be completely honest I watched this episode while doing other things so I wasn't glued to everything going on but I thought that each fighter was given access to either Mir or Nog's assistant coaches(as cornermen) which meant that Mir and Nog had a hand or at least knowledge about certain fighters' abilities going into the fights.

What I saw was obviously Mir and Nog rooting and giving instructions to their assistant coaches' fighters. They were evaluating but at the same time obviously trying to help "their guy" out. Since it's allowed for them to "coach" while supposedly "evaulating" each fighter I agree it could be unfair but as the OP stated a problem with what Dana said I can't see a problem with what Mir and Nog were doing since, fairly or unfairly, it is allowed.

Quite honestly I think they might want to change this as obviously it creates bias on evaulating the fighters. But as is this is allowed and probably should be addressed in the next TUF as these fights should be evaulated by the coaches without bias towards their "fighters"(mainly since their assistant coaches are already coaching them) to truly assess the fighters abilities.

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