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Kickboxing/MMA with Pele.

Quick warm up run with some pushups, for the first time we didn't do any insane warm ups that not only warm up, but gas you out.

Instead he split us in half and set half of us on the bags and the other half into groups of three to hit the sheild. I got put on heavy bag duty first and we worked boxing only. Kept up good movement and power but I find myself getting bored and every combo feels repetitive when I can't do elbows and kicks as well. I don't know how many rounds we did, it was pretty much just constant for an extended amount of time.

Then we switched off to hit the sheild. 1 person holds the sheild while the other two stand on opposite sides and kick it. Did 25 low kicks, 25 side kicks, 25 high kicks, then switched legs and did it again. Kept up pretty good even with the high kicks which is sweet. I got in a pretty good groove and the stance stayed constant and the hips got into the kicks. We thought we had to do 50 of each kick on each leg at first so we did alot more than we needed too. Oh well.

Finally was sparring which was the first real sparring I've done since I've come back. Pele told us to go about 50% on power. First up I went with my training partner and we had a pretty good round. I kept pretty evasive and caught him with lots of jabs and kicks to the side. He definitley caught me in a few exchanges as well, overall I did a bit better. Second guy has been going about as long as me but is learning at a bit of a slower pace and is smaller than me. I worked the jab/kick combos and let up a bit when I was catching him with too much and focused more on blocking/countering. Third guy was definitely good, he kept a tight guard and always threw in combos so he had me backing up the whole time. I tried to keep evasive while throwing at openings, and definitely landed a bit, but was overall for sure on the losing side. Fourth was one of the pro fighters and he definitely wasn't going 50%. Still I kept with him and landed more shots than I got on the third guy. However when I got hit there was some solid blows and once again, I wasn't winning. Still pretty fun though. The dude later went on to pound the hell out of my friend who was only on his second class. Really impressive there champ... Anyways next up for me was a girl who I obviously turned it down a notch on, though she's a pretty tough girl so I'd do lots of blocks and counter-punch, soft leg kicks, etc. Obviously I'd be winning the round, but that wasn't the intent nor an accomplishment. Done.

MMA Class. Once again 30 minutes ground and pounding a heavy bag. Huge turnout for this one, must have been about a dozen of us pounding away. It got tiring but we pushed through like we always do. Finally its over.

Training in the morning.

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