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Originally Posted by Tango87
Yes I do agree with your assessment. Chucks takedown defense is too good. Tito has a glass jaw and will not be able to take the crazy barrage of punches that chuck will throw at him. As far as Wanderlei goes, there probably won't be a fight between them because of Wanderlei's loss to Cro Cop during the Grand Prix. He does not seem indestructible anymore. Haha lets see chuck fight Cro Cop, if that was the case then we all know who would win that fight. I hate Pride but (overall) they are much better strikers than the fighters in the UFC. Do you guys think that the UFC should enact a card system like Pride does for boring fights? I know its off subject but just curious.
Lol at this whole post.

everyone calls me dumb, but saying UFC has the best strikers is a joke, they have good ones like GSP anderson silva, but the overall organization is shit when its compared to pride. I STILL LIKE UFC!!

If they want to make UFC more exciting, they should take atleast the 1 thing pride has, which is the stalling rule, if a fighter gets called for stalling that fighter lose a % of his purse. Then you'd see the fighters step it up alittle bit and see the excitment of Pride in the UFC.

For most of you, ignorance is bliss, but for me it's about the truth.

Bets won:
4-0, Admins taken down in bets 2 (asskicker, Jdun11)
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