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Originally Posted by ZZtigerZZ81 View Post
So last night after I get off of work at 10 pm. I go and have afew to drink with a friend and his girlfriends. We were hanging out from about 10:30 to 1:00 and then I left. In that time I only had 1 beer (8 oz of another beer approximately) and 2 vodka drinks with splashes of tonic. I then left the bar to drive home which is about 30 miles from where I work and was drinking.

When I exited the interstate there was a road block. I thought I would be fine. I felt no effects of alcohol at all. I was feeling so sober that I almost forgot I drank so recently. Well, I am sure it didn't smell that way to the police. Cop walks up to my window and I hand him the license and registration before he has to ask. He looks at me and i don't even open my mouth. He ask me how to say my last name and I pronounce it for him. (It is is a unique name). He says where have you been tonight. I tell him that I got off of work at 10 went to a bar with some friends and hung out at my friends house after that to make sure the alcohol was out of my system before driving home. He tells me to pull up and wait in front of another car. The other guy was getting arrested. I thought I was f-cked.

I get out and he gives me the follow-my-finger test with feet together, flashlight in the eye, and hands by the side. That was easy to follow his finger but it was hard to keep my eyes open while a maglite is shining in my retinas. I think I mght have swayed a little bit during the test too.

Then he gets the breathalizer for me. It is go-time. This is it. I blew a .079. I was thinking holy shit. He looked at it and I snuck my peak. He said you just barely made it. I said yeah, I saw that. He said get your ass home. You got lucky.

I thought to myself, this is bullshit. I mean .08 is the most ridiculously low thing ever. I felt absolutely sober. I am sittting down driving a car not trying to win a nascar race. I mean I am not performing surgery. I don't need to be at 100% focus for the ride home. It is almost routine at this point anyway. I would have been really upset if I failed the breathalizer. Might have resisted arrest even (yeah probably not).
Alcohol checkpoint stuff like that is really messed up imho. It's not legal in a lot of states.

Originally Posted by TheNegation View Post
I was thinking the same thing, but wasn't going to mention it till I saw the "I don't have to be 100% for the ride home" part. God I wish your dumb ass hadn't passed so you would possibly have learned a lesson.
Wow, so now ANYONE who drinks at all before driving is a douche? He was under the limit, I don't see why he becomes a douche for having three drinks in an evening before driving home. That's really not much, hell I would barely even feel a buzz from that.

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