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Originally Posted by Gluteal Cleft View Post
It's amazing how many people that kill other people's fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, and children feel like they're just fine to drive. There's a reason why they call it "courage in a shot", you think you're a lot more capable than you really are.
Yeah the same could be said about any number of untimely deaths. You are an idiot to assume I would have gotten behind the wheel if I felt even the slightest bit unable to drive.

Originally Posted by pauly_j View Post
ZZtigerZZ81, you are a douche.
If I am half the douche you are then I should be ashamed.

Originally Posted by TheNegation View Post
I was thinking the same thing, but wasn't going to mention it till I saw the "I don't have to be 100% for the ride home" part. God I wish your dumb ass hadn't passed so you would possibly have learned a lesson.
I wish your schizophrenic family member gets violent and goes to jail, we all have our wishes. Like I said, I was fine to drive. .08 doesn't affect all people the same and it is ridiculous to make that a standard for all people.

Originally Posted by milkkid291 View Post
I think families who have lost family members or friends to drunk drivers would disagree with you on the "low" level blood alcohol.

The higher you raise it, the more people will push the limit.

Other countries have lower levels such as Bio pointed out about Austrailia.
I think families that have lost members to gun crime know what you are talking about too. Only that was intentional. This is a case of me being completely fine. And if I weren't I would have not been behind the wheel.

To those that want to continue to judge me or call me names. Get a ******* clue and don't make assumptions.

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