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Originally Posted by MJB23 View Post
No you would not. You obviously have no idea how a breathalizer works. You would blow over the legal limit, doesn't mean you would be drunk because everyone has different tolerances but you would definetly blow over the legal limit if you had 4 shots and then got pulled over. Drinking 2 beers in an hour is enough to be legally drunk.
Your wrong. I know exactly how a breathalyzer works. You need to know your body weight. It tests your BAC (blood alcohol level) depending on the state is can vary as far as what BAC you can have and be fine. But a male 185lbs gains .02%/BAC per 1 drink he consumes, the average male body disposes of .9-1.3 of these "drinks" per hour. More of less its your body filtering the alcohol out of your blood. 1 drink = 12ounces of 5%alc beer/wine or a 1shot of a 40%alc substance. The more blood in your body (the more you weigh) the less your BAC compared to someone smaller. 4 drinks for the average male being 4 beers/4shots of vodka would make him blow a .08 however 5min/60 12% less of a shot meaning as long as I weigh 185+ what I said was absolutely a true statement.

I've read the books, ive taken the classes, ive been to court, ive been arrested and I have no convictions. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about, maybe know something about it before you try to correct people next time, eh?

Just for kicks and giggles I would break the simple math involved to find out what I would blow 5minutes after having 4 shots of my favorite 40% alcohol vodka. The last time I was weighed I was around 235, I would blow a 0.068 grams of alcohol per 100 grams of my blood.

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