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Originally Posted by HexRei View Post
That's assuming the Page who beat Hendo and Chuck shows up, and not the one that came out of shape for the Griffin fight.
No offense, but thats the classic nuthugger excuse when their fighter loses. How can you even compare the "shape" of Chuck fight's Rampage with Forrest fight's Rampage? 1 fight was 1 minute long, other was 25 mins. 'Page was just as hyped up and determined to beat Forrest as he could be, but Forrest is simply a better more versatile fighter with a better game plan. Rampage is known for his silly excuses, sadly his fans seems to believe them xD

Either way, I liked Rampage and his nasty slams back from Pride. He has been a disrespectful whiner for a while though, specially after losing his title. That car chase was the icing on the cake.
I really hope Wandy beats him up 3rd time so we wont have Rampage whining about that title shot anytime soon.

"When I land that left hook, the fight will be over." -Paul Daley (He called it!)
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