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Originally Posted by Gluteal Cleft View Post
Actually... you're the idiot for thinking that you would be able to accurately judge how fit you were to drive after you've had a few drinks. Even though you were a tiny touch under the limit, you simply cannot have that alcohol level and still be 100%. Sure, you felt like it, but that didn't make it so.

It's douchebags that say "No, I'm good to drive, I feel fine" that kill people. If you're going to drink, have someone else drive. And if you have to say "Don't judge me", then it's pretty much a given that what you were doing was wrong.

Just last week I got to sit in my brother's DUI trial, and see a whole lot of people who thought they were just fine to drive, too. My brother is going to jail, and I'm kind of glad. As much as I love him, he just doesn't take drinking and driving seriously, even after his first DUI. So the judge is rightfully giving him a reason to take it seriously. Hopefully you'll start taking it seriously on your own, before someone else (or someone else's death) forces you to.
Actually I am not an idiot, but thanks for thinking I am. I made a decision to drive well after the effects of alcohol had worn off. If you think for a second I would have gotten behind the wheel to drive 30 miles while a little drunk you are an idiot and that was what I was saying. You don't know me and to assume I am an idiot makes you look lie one. I took it seriously before, if I hadn't there would have been no way in hell I could have reached the age of 27 and not have one DUI on my record. Cops look hard for that. They will just pull you over after certain hours to check and really have no reason to do so. I have always worked in the food and beverage indutry and worked late at night. So, I got pulled over a lot going home from work.

I know why the laws are made so try not to sound so high and mighty when lecturing me.

It is people like you that think people can't make good decisions at anytime after consuming alcohol that piss me off. I am still an adult and still able to make good decisions. The fact that I didn't get any more drinks in the last hour is one. The fact that I hung out a little outside of the bar talking is another. I am conscientious person even when I drink, regardless of what you or a couple of other retards think.

I wasn't saying don't judge me for what I was doing. But you assume I am unable to make a logical decision while having had a few drinks hours before I got behind the wheel. Don't judge my decision making process, regardless of when it happens. Because like the original post pointed out, I am not like everyone else and blanket assumptions such as the one you, Xitup, and the Negation made aren't warranted, welcomed, or correct.

Originally Posted by XitUp View Post
Wow, showing off about getting away with drink driving. You're so ******* cool.
If you took that as showing off, then you are much dumber then I thought. I actually thought you were intelligent. I was only sharing a story.

Originally Posted by TheNegation View Post
Your a ******* moron zztiger, if you can't see whats wrong with being .01 under the limit. There has been times in my life when I would have had no problem dropping a shoulder of vodka and going on about my daily buisness with little ill effect whatsoever, and I still wouldn't get behind the wheel after ONE drink. Why? Because it does affect you. You said it yourself, "I don't have to be 100% for the ride home". Nice. Nice.

Do you have any idea how ******* retarded you sound? "I'm fine I'm only after a few drinks." Yeah, and I'm bruce Lee when I'm drunk, my fighting skill goes through the roof andI can successfully take on groups of people.

Your reply only shows what a douchebag you really are lol. Way to defend yourself on accusations of being a tit.
I don't have to be 100% for the ride home, on fact a rarely am 100% at 2 am regardless of whether or not I had something to drink. Your problems with alcohol dwarf mine and I am sorry to hear that you went through that in your life. I rarely drink and I had a good time with some friends. If you want to wish me off to jail go right ahead, but I will not sit here and agree with you. I am surprised that you are in agreement with the lawmakers that .08 should be the standard and not looked at in any other fashion.

I am fine after only a few drinks. If an adult person can't do anything after drinking at all, then why do we have it available to us? IF that makes me sound retarded in your eyes, so be it. I assure you that it does not hurt my feelings for an outspoken tool such as yourself to think any less of me. Or criticize my decision making abilities because well, I made an okay decision afterall. I did okay in the eyes of Johnny Law and I am not mad at them for doing their job. I am mad that I blew a .079 and felt no effects of alcohol when I got behind the wheel. I honestly was stone cold sober. For the three of you to miss that point is amazing. Everyone else seemed to comprehend it just fine. Especially as much as the two from the UK nitpick posts.

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