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9-28: 25 min arc trainer, 15 min bike, shuffle/cut ring/bob n weave/ punch/elbow combinations 10 min. I punch a number of foam mats hung up on the wall, they're thin enough so that I can punch with force and condition my knuckles and little and thick enough so that I don't damage the wall, like I could do that anyway.
9-29: ran 1 mile till side of L calf started to hurt a lot, 20 min arc trainer, 15 min bike, did a bunch of abs and pushups cause my daughter was with me and didn't know any abs (after 7 yrs. of soccer and 3 yrs travel soccer wtf?) tkd was more abs, more pushups, pad work, kicking drills, chambering drills (where u chamber the kick, hold it out, chamber it back up, then put it down each interval lasting around 30 painful seconds) My younger daughter who goes to tkd with me did mad work and got the other yellow stripe taken off her orange belt, making her eligible to test for green belt in 6 weeks.
9-30: 30 min arc trainer, 15 min bike, tkd was forms (kata), including the dreaded hwarang hyung
10-01: didn't work out, having a lot of pain in left leg
10-02: 30 min arc trainer, 20 min bike
10-03:didn't work out I am starting to get seriously paranoid about my left ankle again although I haven't done anything I don't usually do since I got the green light for high-impact activities well over a year ago.
10-04: 30 min arc trainer, 20 min bikd, wore the heavier ankle brace over the neoprene one, still had to ice it down and take ibuprofen after, i'm still going to work out in the interim but i'm calling the orthopedic surgeon who did my ankle surgery on Monday. I can do everything but jump rope and run, sparring I could probably do but I'd have to be careful of it.

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