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Originally Posted by Aaronyman View Post
all these people saying chuck/rashad was unrealistic, forrest/shogun was unrealistic....these people just needed to get off the nuts off some fighters and look at fights rationally....i picked rashad to win...unfortunately i didn't have the stones to take forrest, but shogun was madly overrated at that was chuck
I guess "all these people" refers to me since I mentioned Chuck/Rashad mainly I was refering to how most people, myself included, thought this was a perfect match-up for Chuck to win and get his title shot. Much like Jardine, as they did name the card "Knockout", I thought Chuck would destroy the Hinky-jinky that is Jardine. Maybe "unrealistic" isn't the right word perhaps what some people thought of as "mismatches" but obviously I along with others were completely wrong.

I do love the "get off the nuts" part- you swing on your favorite fighters' nuts and I'll swing on mind alright Tarzan?

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