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Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
I keith is a great fighter probably one of the best. I think he has the ability to someday be a champ but he has one huge problem and that is that he gets way too excited.

I originally thought he was going to win but when saw him step in the cage I said to my 2 friends I was watching "He is going to lose""he will get koed in the first round". When I saw him jumping around and screaming like he was I knew he was just going to run in full force and go for the early ko and trade blows with silva.

He talks about how he is a better fighter than silva and i believe he is and has top notch striking but all his skills don't mean a thing if he isn't going to use them and just rush in like he did with Silva and with alexander. If he fights the way he fought chuck where he stays back and feels out his opponent and breaks them down with kicks I think he would do great but he cant let his emotions get the best of him.
this is basically how i feel too...with a few exceptions...

if keith jardine can just get his head straight and perform to the ability i know he's capable of, i truly believe he can be champion someday
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