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Originally Posted by 69nites View Post
Brock looked fresh in round 3.

hell he looked like with a 5 min break he could have done it again.
well against randy he could very well have to do 2/3 of that time again with only two more 1 minute breaks.

Originally Posted by G-S-P View Post
Let's not jump the gun now, this fight goes in the clinch it's Randy's world. There's absolutely no way Brock will intercede with strength and size to counter Randy in that department, if the fight hits the canvas which I assume it will at some point.
Yeah, exactly. It seems like some people don't understand the way Randy uses the greco clinch to an extent no other HW I can think of is able to. They think Brock's sheer size and strength will simply allow him to pick Randy up from any position and put him down on his back.

I strongly disagree. There is a whole separate style of fighting to clinching/dirty boxing and I think we will see Randy come in with a gameplan to keep the fight in this area where his skill will nullify Brock's size and strength. He will deliver strikes from inside the clinch and Brock will not have an answer except to try and use sheer strength to make up for his lack of skill, and thus exert himself even more.

After three or four rounds of this Brock WILL be tired and the odds will be a little more even. By the fifth Randy will still be the fresher, delivering strikes and controlling where the fight takes place. Brock shots will be moot by then and I see Randy winning via decision.

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