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Originally Posted by Kin View Post
How so? When wrestlers actually get taken down, they don't seem to sweep so much as turn on to their stomachs. Sweeping isn't really a wrestling thing so much as BJJ thing.

But regardless, the types of takedowns that Brock has most experience defending is, again, leg takedowns. Randy does things a bit differently, of course.

I like the points that people have made concerning Randy's half-guard over his mount, and I agree that he will probably have more success there -- at least for the first couple of rounds.

I'd also like to point out, having watched the Lesnar-Herring fight once more, I don't think that Brock will actually be able to take Randy down. If we look at all of his takedowns up until this point, they've been high shots. He seems to grab his opponents around the body rather than legs. That type of shot -- especially for somebody with Randy's experience -- will be easy to thwart with underhooks, which would bring the fight right into Randy's backyard.

The more I analyze this, the more I see Randy getting the better of Brock in the wrestling dept.
Repped. Finally someone I can agree with. I think Randy will be able to dictate where this fight takes place, but I really hope he practices his rolls in to guard in case Lesnar does manage to power him to the ground. Especially since Lesnar will probably leave himself open for Randy to roll right in to a leg lock. I've said before the only reason Mir won and Herring survived is because they both have above average rolls.

I can see Randy brutalizing Lesnar from within the clinch, like he did Gonzaga, but Lesnar is simply a bigger dude and a better wrestler than Gonzaga and I really just don't think that should be Randys game plan. I hope he stays outside, boxes Lesnar in the face and body and avoid takedowns for the first round. Second or third round he should get the take down and unleash some gnp from half guard.

Randy via tko in round 3.
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