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Originally Posted by XitUp View Post
As for the people comparing changing a CD to drink driving, get real.
You know what's funny? I used that as my first example because the only accident I've ever been in with another vehicle was actually because I was looking in my glove compartment for a CD. And I drive myself home from the bar fairly frequently.

I can vouch that being sober and not having my full attention on the road is a lot more dangerous for me than having a couple of drinks in me but paying full attention to the road. And there have actually been studies on cell phone's detrimental effects on drivers.

So now I only change discs myself at stop lights and when parked. And I am extra careful if I've had any drinks at all, and I don't drive if I feel there's a chance I'm not in full control. And you know what? It works great. I worry a lot more about the totally sober and incredibly dangerous senior citizens weaving all over the place.

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