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Originally Posted by TheJame
As for running, which will be my main focus, will a lot of running and different cardio exercises, as well as a decent diet help me to shed excess fat and tighten up a little?
Yes...cardio (like any exercise) will raise your metabolism, but the faster way to lose fat is gaining muscle. Muscle requires calories, so when you eat, more calories will be used by muscle rather than being stored as fat. But I know you have a wrist injury so I don't know how well you will be able to gain muscle.

Anyways, when you run, try to run first thing in the morning before eating anything. Your blood sugar will be low and you will be using your fat as a source of energy when you run rather than the calories you ate that day.

Another tip: lift weights for 20 minutes before running. When you run, for the first 20 minutes all you're burning is glucose. But if you lift weights, you'll use up the glucose so when you start running your main source of energy comes from your fat.

Hope this helps!
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