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Originally Posted by Fedor>all View Post
I agree.. in fact, he's the working man's version of Lesnar if you think about it. He actually earned his way to the UFC by working in smaller circuits and proving himself.. that's something I respect a hell of a lot more than someone waltzing in from the WWE with a popular name that sells tickets, which miraculously translates into a title shot.

But that's unfortunately the negative outlook that come with anyone in Lesnar's position, given his name recognition. It wouldn't be palpable, from a business standpoint, to build Brock on the undercard (much like Velasquez or Carwin) when he already has mainstream popularity to his credit, and the shear ability to draw endlessly on his name alone.

It's a double edged sword in that manner, where he's guaranteed to be rushed into the spotlight despite having not legitimized his spot in the sport. Kimbo is getting the exact same treatment, only difference is that EliteXC executives are promptly building his experience without providing him with any dangerous match-ups.

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