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Originally Posted by Ybot
When they shoot in make sure you only give up one leg (don't let them double leg you), and practice with your balance on the one leg hopping around staying up right. If that's all you do they will eventually be able to finish the takedown, but if you get good from there there are lots of counter attacking options from a well balance single legt attempt.

If they stand up with the single leg (your left) balance and reach across and attack the Kimura on their right arm.

Another option I use if they are standing with the single and have their head on the inside, if you can push their head to the outside of your leg (again if they have your left) hopping around to your right and bending your knee in. Cross face and sit, grabbing their near side leg (their left) from the side. Drive through them, pulling their right arm with the hand you used to cross face, to turn them to their back.

Don't know if I was clear, but those are some sub defenses I play with. In the end though, for shooting style takedowns your best bet is to learn to sprawl well first. Second option would be what I listed above about only giving up one leg.
It's a thought, but anyone with even a hint of common sense would kick out your other leg. I don't know if you've ever heard this saying, but it appllies:

"Give me an inch and I'll take your foot."

Don't give them a leg. Don't give them anything. That's like saying, "I'm going to miss this punch on purpose, because it sets up this other punch." I fantastic way to get KTFO'd.

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