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Originally Posted by Chrisl972 View Post
OK, I have a few questions about Zune. I won one at our work golf outting this weekend and I really enjoy what it has to offer, but I'm not sure that I understand exactly what it's capable of.

1) What is the Social part of Zune?
The Social Part of the zune software is you can add friends and see what they're listening to, what they're watching and how much so. you can also set up a myspace esque profile. The zune hardware however, you can send people files (pictures and music). The music they can play for 3 days or 3 times and they have to buy it afterwards. They cant see what you're listening to or watching though.

2) Does the Social aspect of this media player allow others to see what you have on your player? And if it does, can they listen to your music? Watch your videos?
Refer to 1)

3) I seems to have issues with getting some of my videos to play on the Zune even though they will play with my Windows Media Player, is this common or am I doing something wrong?
What's wrong is that your WMP can play anything your PC has the codec (code required to decode the video)for (IE avi, mpeg, et all). Your Zune however, will only play WMV files and the software needs to convert them or you need 3rd party software to do so.

4) The Zune I won is just a 4GB, is it worth going and buying a 120GB Zune or is it better to just have a free one, and come to grips that it isn't going to hold everything I want?
I have a 30 gb that doesnt hold all of my stuff. I desperatly want another but its just personal preferance

5) Will the Zune work as well in the Sync System that my 2008 Edge has? I know that the Sync is powered by MircoSoft, but I don't know if they mesh well.
No idea, I dont have sync in my car but Im assuming it will work
6) Does anyone have one? And if you do, how do you rate it after using it for a while???
I love mine and have never had problems with it. I've had three ipoops that have all turned to crap after about a year. I've had my zune since release. I rate it 10/10. I love mine
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