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Originally Posted by Chrisl972
Sorry if this has already been a thread.

After watching both fighters Saturday night, I'd have to say that Vera is ready to take on Sylvia. I'm not saying that he's going to win but, I absolutely think he's ready.

Tim has fought his last two fight poorly. I think that in both of those fight his game plan not trying to win those fights but more trying to not lose them.

With the speed and aggressiveness that Vera brings, it might be more than what Sylvia is ready for right now.
hell yeah he is. did you see tims face when brandon came into the cage? he just got done sayig im going to knock you out and brandon jumped in there and tim was like "oh hey whats up man". now im not saying tim cant beat brandon. i was 100% sure that brandon would beat mir. and as much as i dont like tim, i wont sit here and say he isnt dangerous. his biggest problem in a match up with brandon is that its not going to be a slow fight. tim wont be able to play it safe. he is going to have to fight.
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