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Originally Posted by TraMaI View Post
The Social Part of the zune software is you can add friends and see what they're listening to, what they're watching and how much so. you can also set up a myspace esque profile. The zune hardware however, you can send people files (pictures and music). The music they can play for 3 days or 3 times and they have to buy it afterwards. They cant see what you're listening to or watching though.

Refer to 1)

What's wrong is that your WMP can play anything your PC has the codec (code required to decode the video)for (IE avi, mpeg, et all). Your Zune however, will only play WMV files and the software needs to convert them or you need 3rd party software to do so.

I have a 30 gb that doesnt hold all of my stuff. I desperatly want another but its just personal preferance

No idea, I dont have sync in my car but Im assuming it will work

I love mine and have never had problems with it. I've had three ipoops that have all turned to crap after about a year. I've had my zune since release. I rate it 10/10. I love mine
This is mostly acurate but they got rid of the 3 day part you can now keep songs people send you forever but only listen to them 3 times. (Or plug your zune in to your computer and go into your music section and change the data of the song from MP3 to Podcast and then you can keep it forever allthough its stored in your podcast section of the zune)

Yes Zune works wonderfully with Sync as I have used my Zune 30 and my Zune 8 with it and it meshes perfectly.

And the zune will also support MP4 videos aswell as WMVs so any video converting website will allow you to make the conversion rather easily.

Also youll notice that asmuch as APPLE is touting there "NEW" genious feature that it has been part of the Zune software since day 1 and actually works smoother. The zune software is nice and reliable especially compared to the new Itunes and instead of looking like a spreadsheet has a nice flow to it and is quite pleasing to the eyes.

The social part of the zune also lets you send podcasts so technically any video you label as a podcast can be sent wirelesly and kept permenantly. Mcdonalds now has free wifi specificly for zunes and yeah. I love my zune and after 5 versions of apples shit pods breaking on me ive found love with my Zunes and cannot wait to upgrade to the Zune 120.

I like my 8 but its jsut to small and the 30 is a bit bulky.

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