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Originally Posted by stitch1z View Post
GOOD! The show would have half as long of a season run and we would see just fights on the shows. Sounds perfect!

I don't know about you guys, but I don't care about these guy's personalities. I want to judge them by their skill in the cage, not by how nice they are or how funny they are. It poisons the sport aspect IMO.

I could do without all the girlish drama.
You personally could do without the girlish drama but the show can't. Without the drama the show would be dead.

Originally Posted by stitch1z View Post
You say this like it's common sense. But that point is highly debatable.

Did Boxing, Football, Soccer, Nascar, or any other sport that you can think of need a "Reality Show" to grow?

Not that I can think of. I actually think the approach is going to strangle the sport in the long-term.

There was a once a mysterious allure as to what drove these athletes to fight. That is timeless.

This generation of fighters is driven by 15 minutes of fame, a fat paycheck, and chicks... All thanks to "The Ultimate Fighter".

For the short term it's big money. But if they don't re-structure this approach it will eventually lose a lot of interest because people get entirely too sick of the antics we are complaining about on this very thread, and anyone into the sport will be branded as one of these immature a-holes.

Just my opinion, of course.
No, those sports didn't need a reality show,but this is a different day and age and the reality show has helped the sport grow. If boxing or football was the new big thing instead of something that has been around for years then they would use a reality show now to so they could grow. In fact, a lot of these sports do have a reality show as somebody pointed out. Reality shows and youtube are the new ways to promote. Thats just how it is.
Did any of you watch the Contender?
Wasn't that show cancelled, sold to another network, cancelled again, and now possibly going to be back on TV again?

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