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Originally Posted by Pepe View Post
and i heard that in one of the first ufc fights it was a kung fu guy in it who had a broken arm and he beat the shit out of the guy.

i'm guessing it depends how you train, if you fought a kung fu artist who trains for the street, muay thai could probably win and with muay thai rules of course
The problem is that most kung-fu fighters I've run into (and I know several people who train it, including two who are sifu themselves with fairly large classes) are convinced that kung-fu is all one needs. They get hooked on the spiritualistic, ritualistic, and forms bullshit and even the ones who are pretty good at kung-fu point fighting end up being essentially terrible fighters in an MMA rules fight, especially against anyone who has a ground game.

I think this is a problem largely with the kung-fu community and mindset and not the art itself. For whatever reason (perhaps better penetration of MMA into Japan and thus Japanese martial arts) Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Judo seem to have made much more successful transitions into MMA- each of those arts has representative fighters in the higher echelons of MMA. Not so much Kung Fu.

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