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Originally Posted by stitch1z View Post
I hate the drinking and the trashing the house. These dudes just piss away such a great opportunity. You train so hard, know you are going to be fighting in a matter of days, so you get plastered every other night. Just brilliant.
I think Spike plays up the drinking a lot in the editing process beccause it makes good ratings. Remember they record a full week of footage from probably a dozen cameras, that's got to be a few hundred hours at least that they pare down to a single 42 minute episode of which up to 1/3 could be taken up by the fight itself.

So we don't really know what they do most nights, I doubt Spike has much interest in airing the footage from the nights everyone was too well-behaved or tired to do anything but eat, talk a little, and go to bed. It may seem like they drink a lot but honestly I think few if any are getting plastered every other night.

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