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True Grappler
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Originally Posted by jaymackz
I'm not a pure grappler. I consider myself to be a true grappler, because I am not one dimensional. I tend to modify all the stuff I learn from BJJ class, and tend to work differently. I don't execute submissions properly, but whatever gets the job done, then that's the way I do em. I am currently learning Wrestling/BJJ...and sorta combine the moves, and just go with the flow. My school's BJJ instructors for NO-GI are not one dimensional. They have an open mind and my instructor makes new moves..and do trial and error. If he does not like it, he'll take it out and find someway to execute it properly. I think, guys who do BJJ as their base of style, and not incorporate other styles such as wrestling, or sambo or w/e....will be very limited, whileas those who do various styles and implement it into one will have more ways to figure their opponents out, since they'll always try to do the same thing over and over again. It's almost as if True grapplers are unpredictable. Sorry If i don't make sense.
Many BJJ schools do have this approach. It is open minded, and that is what makes BJJ the worlds most effective (and most famous) grappling system. Keep in mind, however, that you shouldn't just modify the stuff you learn in class.

I taught myself catch wrestling watching Josh Barnett. (Who I consider the epitomy of true grappling)

Nice stuff on Gene, Ong.

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