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A little sick of this........

Now, I understand the UFC is trying to get their ratings up, especially since it seems this season is failing, but this whole "wait til next week to see what happens" crap has to stop. It was cool the first season when Leben was brought back, for the life of me I cant remember it happening again for a few seasons (someone correct me if im wrong) but then last year with the JT Money incident had me dying for it to be wednesday again. Now, this year, we have had to wait TWICE for one incident to fully unfold. So, the Junie incident at the beginning was shown at the end of last episode, as well was the end when he jumped into the cage, why not just cut out a few things and play it out. Start from scratch the next episode? I guess this is why I'm a fighter and not a TV producer haha but damn I can't wait for next week to watch Spider training with these cats.....and of course hopefully to see what happens with Junie (damn you UFC!)
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